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warranty-extension: Protect your investment

Warranty extension

The extended warranty agreements provide the coverage you’ve been seeking for worry-free operation of your Evolis printer, long after the original warranty period has expired.


Up to 3 extra year-warranty

In addition to the standard warranty provided with your printer, we offer an optional extended warranty, directly from Evolis.  
This extended warranty agreement is available for the models listed below (only for products purchased in the 12 previous months).

Which product can benefit from an Evolis Extended Warranty Agreement?

This agreement is available for the models listed below which are still within the first year of the standard warranty period.



(2)  Up to 100,000 cards for the whole duration of the warranty (standard warranty + warranty extension)

(3) 1-year warranty or 500,000 cards 
    2-year warranty or 1,000,000 cards (for a 1-year warranty extension agreement) 
    3-year warranty or 1,500,000 cards (for a 2-year warranty extension agreement) 
    4-year warranty or 2,000,000 cards (for a 3-year warranty extension agreement)

A complete coverage : Parts - Labor - Return

Have peace of mind: in case of a hardware failure, the cost of the replaced components and/or parts, including the print head, as well as the labor of the repaired printer are covered.

Benefit from a network of experts: service and repair are carried out by a Certified Evolis Repair Center which ensures you the best service.

* Conditions of the standard warranty

Keep your Evolis printer operating at peak performance to get the most out of your investment! 

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