Super Bowl Challenge - Criteria

With the Evolis Super Bowl Challenge anyone can be a winner since it is not solely based on sales. The following metrics are what scores your points:

Sales Metrics Points Granted Frequency Description
Sales actions
Year over Year  Printer Volume Increase 1 Quarterly Receive a point if you increase Year over Year  by 1% or more
Overall Highest % Revenue Increase 1 Quarterly At the end of the quarter the team with highest % increase
receives an extra point
Leads Management 1 Monthly Receive a point for timely response to all support or new sales leads for that specific month
Promotion 1 Quarter Receive a point for distributing Evolis promotions to your
database via email or direct mail
Brand awareness
Tradeshows 3 Each Receive points when Evolis printers are prominently displayed at tradeshows
Website Marketing 3 Each Promote Evolis on your website via Web / Email Banners
with link back to your Evolis product page
Promotion of New Product 1 Each Receive a point for promoting and introducing new product
New Product Preferred Placement on Website 1 Each Receive an additional point for making the new product a
featured product or place on top of list
Webinar Participation and/ or Certified Technician Training 1 Each Receive a point for every Evolis webinar or training
MAP Violations -1 Quarter Receive a penalty of 1 point per quarter for every MAP
violation left unresolved

Bonus points will be granted to the distributor that upon registration of the promotion: selects either one or both teams that finally make it to the 2015 Super Bowl.
One Final Team Selected = 5 bonus points
Both Final Teams Selected = 10 bonus points

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