Securion - How to do an advanced cleaning of the printer?

To thoroughly clean your Securion, we recommend that you clean the card feed rollers in addition to the basic maintenance for the interior of the printer.

1. Switch the printer on.
2. Open the printer cover
3. Press the latch to unlock the print head bracket and rotate it to the right until it reaches its vertical position.
4. Remove the feeder, the ribbon if any, as well as the cleaning rollers.
5. Locate the five feed rollers (4 in the printing station, 1 in the laminating station)
6. Take a cleaning card.
7. In one hand, push down and hold one of the buttons in the middle of the panel board.
8. The drum of the roller will release.
9. You may also start the advanced cleaning cycle from the menu CLEANING > ADVANCED on the LCD screen.
10. To clean the rollers, using the other hand, apply the cleaning card on each roller.
11. Use as many cards as is necessary for a thorough cleaning.
12. Following this, clean the cleaning rollers and the printer head.
13. Put the ribbon back in the printing station and close the printer cover.
14. Wait two minutes for the cleaning fluid to evaporate completely before using the printer.