Securion - How to install a film in the lamination station ?

Before you install a lamination film, make sure that the printer driver is suitably configured.

1. Open the printer cover.
2. Check if there is any other film in the lamination station. If so, gently remove the film while avoiding folding or bending it.
3. Make sure you have the new cassette to insert the film.
4. Place a new reel in the right slot and the new film in the left slot making sure to pay attention to the direction in which the film unwinds.
5. Remove the label found on the new film, then unwind it following the indications of the part between the guide ways, and stick the label onto the new reel.
6. Gently tighten the film by turning the two reels.
7. Place the cartridge in the laminating station, then push until the stop on the bottom at the end of the rack and you hear the click of the locking mechanism.
8. Remove the cartridge from the laminating station.
9. Check that the film moves freely between the sensor’s fork and remains unfolded.
10. Close the printer cover.