Securion - How to clean the inside of the printer?

When cleaning the printer is required (after every 800 cards processed) the NEED CLEANING notification is displayed and the LED turns red.
This message is an alert which notifies the operator that the printer requires cleaning.

There are two steps to the cleaning cycle: firstly, cleaning the printer station (mandatory) and secondly cleaning the laminating station (optional).

1. Switch the printer on and open the cover.
2. Press the latch to unlock the print head bracket and rotate it to the right until it reaches its vertical position.
3. Remove the ribbon from its slot in the printing station, then lower the print head bracket and lock it in position.
4. Remove the printer feeder.
5. Remove any card remaining in the feeder.
6. Insert the cleaning card in the feeder.
7. Adjust the thickness gauge to the ‘MAX’ position.
8. Place back the feeder in the printer and press on the top of it until the feeder clicks audibly into its slot.
9. Enter in the display screen menu by pressing one of the buttons.
10. Select the CLEANING menu, then OK. Select PRINTER and confirm your choice with OK.
11. The cleaning process starts, while the display indicates Cleaning ...
12. As the card passes multiple times inside the printer, it cleans the card transport rollers, the cleaning roller, the print head and the encoding head if your printer has this option.
13. At the end of the process, the cleaning card is ejected to the reject box.
14. In the display screen menu, you will see the message CLEANING LAMIN. You may choose to clean the laminating station or cancel the operation.
15. If you choose to cancel the operation, select CANCEL. The display screen menu will go back to “Ready”
16. If you choose to launch the cleaning of the lamination station, press OK. Make sure you use the specific adhesive cleaning card. Remove the two backing papers from the front and back of this card.
17. Check if there is any other film in the lamination station.
If so, gently remove the film while avoiding folding or bending it.
18. Press OK on the display screen then insert the cleaning card into the opening below the receptacle to the left side of the printer.
19. The card is fed into the interior of the printer. As the card passes multiples times inside the printer, it thoroughly cleans the laminator and eliminates the particles of film and dust on the roller.
20. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the cleaning card comes out of the printer. Dispose of the card.
21. Put the film back into the laminating station. The display screen will indicate ‘Ready’