How do I do advanced printer cleaning?


For a deeper clean, we recommend that you clean the transport rollers for the cards, in addition to basic printer maintenance, every 5 regular cleaning cycles.


  1. Open the printer cover.
  2. Remove the ribbon from the printer if necessary.
  3. Close the cover and make sure it has clicked shut.
  4. Open the feeder.
  5. Remove any cards in the feeder.
  6. Use the gauge to adjust the thickness of the cards to the maximum position.
  7. Take a new "T" shaped cleaning card supplied by Evolis and open the sachet.
  8. Press the control button on the control panel twice.
  9. When the "Card/Ribbon" LED on the control panel flashes, insert the "T" card into the open feeder. Cleaning starts.
  10. Once cleaning has finished, the "T" card is ejected. Remove it from the feeder.
  11. Then take a new adhesive cleaning card supplied by Evolis and remove the film.
  12. Insert the cleaning card into the open feeder, adhesive side up. Cleaning starts.
  13. The used adhesive card is automatically ejected into the output hopper. Open it and remove the used adhesive card.
  14. Adjust the gauge to the required card thickness, put the cards back into the feeder, then the ribbon.