Certified Parners

Certified Partners

Evolis ensures that certified partners offer the highest level of service and expertise associated with their status. We strongly recommend buying from our certified partners.

Want to know if your partner is certified by Evolis?

Check their status and level of commitment by entering their Evolis ID number:

The Evolis Community

Certified partners are officially recognized and approved by Evolis. They benefit from a specific validation, demonstrating their expertise, commitment and compliance with the high quality standards set by Evolis. They are committed to respecting Evolis values and brand, and demonstrate integrity in their quest for total customer satisfaction.

Evolis recognizes 3 levels of certification to distinguish its distribution partners

Official Evolis Partner status is granted only to distribution partners who buy directly from Evolis.

Red Program Partner status is a selective status granted each year to distribution resellers who sell directly to end-users.

Red Program Partners have Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze* status.

*Not applicable in all countries.

Engage Program Partner status is a selective status granted to technology partners (system integrators, solution providers, software publishers) or national project-based sales players.

Engage Program partners are : Affiliate, Solution or Expert.

*Not applicable in all countries.