New UHF RFID card encoding kit for the Primacy card printer


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Evolis transit pass with UHF RFID Encoder

Beaucouzé and Viareggio, 15 April 2016

EVOLIS and CAEN RFID are proud to announce the availability of a new UHF RFID card encoding kit for the Primacy card printer.

EVOLIS and CAEN RFID have joined their efforts to optimize their resources and share their experience in the field of RFID printers in order to address the demanding requests of customers and to offer solutions and products at the forefront of technology.

The EVOLIS Primacy card printer can now integrate the CAEN RFID R1230CB (Quark) module, a UHF multiregional reader/writer for low-power, high performances UHF RFID applications.

The CAEN RFID UHF R1230CB kit is available either in ETSI or FCC version. The ETSI version is fully compliant with European Regulation ETSI EN 302-208, while the FCC is compatible with the US telecommunication regulation FCC Part 15.
It is ideal for integration in card printers requiring compliance to different geographical regions, thus two different antennas are available.

With its compact design and bus-powered USB interface (Virtual Com Port VCP), the UHF R1230CB encoder integrates itself easily into Evolis card printers.
The radio frequency core of the module allows to achieve fast reading and to be used in dense reader mode environments (anti-collision protocol).

"CAEN RFID is well known for its high knowledge in RFID, their good technical service and for the quality of their product. With this powerful UHF encoder, Evolis targets the access control, transit and leisure markets to be used for multiple applications” says Agnès PUEL, Product Manager, Evolis.


"Our collaboration with EVOLIS", says David Pallassini, CAEN RFID Sales Manager, "allowed us to design an innovative product which is undoubtedly very interesting for card printer applications. We expect a consistent growth in the usage of UHF cards for access control and other markets where HF is currently used. The availability  of a printer from a leader manufacturer like EVOLIS, is a fundamental starting point".


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