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Picture SO-KO ribbon

A ribbon that meets the requirements of financial institutions.

Unique on the market right now, the SO-KO* ribbon is perfect for customizing your pre-printed bank cards:

  • The silver layer for the banking details on the front,
  • The black layer for printing the security code on the back of the card (CVV Card Verification Code...).

The protective varnish applied to each side meets the requirements of financial institutions.

Strengthen your brand image with outstanding loyalty cards!

Use the black and silver SO-KO* ribbon on white or pre-printed cards. Take your membership cards and loyalty cards to another level, and set yourself apart from the competition.

This ribbon is used for double-sided printing and is made up of 4 panels, one silver, one black and 2 others for the varnish which is applied to each side to protect the card from UV rays and the usual wear and tear.

You can then customize your cards on both sides with all kinds of information.

With the silver panel, you can print:

  • Your organization's details,
  • The customer's details,
  • Promotional information, etc. without worrying about the background image.

With the black panel, you can print contractual details on the back of the card:

  • Start and end dates,
  • Loyalty points,
  • Contract number, etc.

This ribbon is only suitable for double-sided printing. Please contact us if you have specific requirements.

*SO-KO (Silver/Overlay – Black/Overlay): double-sided ribbon, silver + varnish for the front and black + varnish for the back.

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