Improve Your Brand Image and Customer Satisfaction.

Being able to hand out personalized bank cards to your customers on the spot is perceived very positively. Thanks to Evolis solutions, you can easily offer this service with optimal security and in compliance…

Provide practical answers to the challenges facing banks.

The instant issuance of payment cards allows banks to deliver their cards to their customers on the spot. This method of card production offers many advantages while addressing the major challenges of banks to :

– Offer ever more innovative services,

– Optimize service responsiveness and flexibility,

– Guarantee the security of processes,

– Generate additional revenue.

Offer ever more innovative services.

Instantaneous bank card delivery is a service that is very popular with customers. Whether it’s when opening an account, renewing or replacing a card, getting a card immediately is perceived as very positive. Customer satisfaction strengthens customer loyalty and will have a beneficial impact on the bank’s brand image. This service is already a widespread practice in some regions of the world and a real trend that is developing in many countries. Offering it is therefore also a way of standing out from the competition.

Optimize service responsiveness and flexibility.

The new consumer trends show that customers have high expectations when it comes to the immediacy of the products and services offered. The banking sector is no exception and must also offer real solutions to meet this demand. The instantaneous delivery of payment cards to customers addresses this trend by creating a seamless customer experience. This issuance on demand makes banks responsive and allows them to offer a fast service.

Guarantee the security of processes.

Security is a central issue for banks. Evolis solutions for the instant issuance of payment cards meet the recommendations made by card networks:

  • Access to consumables: the mechanical key lock prevents access to cards and print ribbons, thus limiting the risk of consumable theft.
  • Processing of personal data: the scrambling of the data present on the ribbon after printing by the Kineclipse® feature and the deletion of the digital data sent to the printer by the digital erasing feature guarantee that the personal data used remains confidential.
  • Card delivery: instantaneous card delivery limits the risk of fraud. By contrast, sending a card by mail can, in fact, lead to fraud if it is fraudulently intercepted.

Generate additional revenue.

Several of the above-mentioned benefits directly allow banks to generate additional income and make savings:

  • Saving on postal costs: immediate card delivery does not involve any mailing costs and therefore saves on stationery and postage.
  • Reduced risk of fraud: in the case of a postal mailing, the loss or theft of the mail containing the card or the PIN code forces the bank to re-issue the documents, which entails the risk of additional costs. In addition, if the stolen card is used, additional fees may apply at the bank’s expense.
  • Improved card activation rate: the sooner the customer obtains their card, the sooner they are likely to activate it and therefore use it. This has been verified by banks that offer this service, which have seen that the activation of hand-delivered cards is 20% higher than that of cards sent by mail.

Solutions for all types of bank cards.

With a range of card printing solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of the financial market, we are able to meet all demands for the instant issuance of bank cards. This means that all types of cards can be issued with Evolis solutions, regardless of the specificities of the cards:

  • Types of cards: debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, cash withdrawal card.
  • Data encoding: magnetic strip personalization, contact chip, contactless chip.
  • Design personalization: color, monochrome, blank or pre-customized cards. Our bank card personalization solutions offer the right printing technologies for these different design customizations.
  • Embossing: the embossing of characters on the front of the bank card and indenting is a feature enabled by our printer models. Embossing is still widely practiced, although the trend of “flat design” (or non-embossed cards) is starting to gain momentum.

As experts in instant bank card issuance, we are meeting the needs of today and tomorrow. This is why we are developing scalable solutions to better anticipate future trends in bank card use. Trends that we are deciphering and sharing with you through a dedicated guide.

How do you go about implementing an instant bank card issuance solution?

– Choose the method of bank card delivery,

– Choose the type of integration into your information system,

– Choose the right partner.

Choose the method of bank card delivery.

  • Hand delivery of the bank card.

With this mode of delivery, the bank employee issues the card in a few seconds and hands it over to the cardholder on the spot. This method of delivery allows us to maintain proximity with our customers and build a good customer relationship.

For this situation, we recommend our desktop card printers that are adapted to the banking market:

  • Delivery of bank cards at self-service kiosks.

The customer can be completely independent in terms of the issuance, renewal, or replacement of their card. This method of delivery allows us to offer a service that is accessible 24/7 and requires very few staff.

For this situation, we recommend our range of printers dedicated to issuance at self-service kiosks:

These delivery modes are complementary and can therefore be installed at the same time. This way, you benefit from the advantages of both delivery methods, and so do your customers.

Choose the type of integration into your information system.

  • Card linking: the quick and easy solution to implement.

Card linking is a process that makes it possible to link a pre-encoded bank card to its future holder. It is a low-cost method, easy to set up, simple to use, and quickly operational. It is very common and the simplest of all the methods that exist in this field. Please note: this type of solution has limitations in terms of flexibility and is generally suited to banks that offer a limited range of cards.

  • Integrated instant issuance: the optimal solution for (almost) infinite possibilities.

Integrated instant issuance offers almost infinite possibilities for graphic and electrical personalization. This process also goes further in terms of security and service automation. In return, it requires a more substantial level of integration.

  • SaaS solution via the cloud: cost-effective and scalable

SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions available via the cloud take the form of a subscription. The IT infrastructure required for the proper functioning of this service is the responsibility of the solution provider as well as its maintenance and compliance with security standards. All you have to do is choose the printers, install them in your offices and connect them to the chosen cloud solution.

Choose the right partner.

At Evolis, we understand the challenges facing banks and have been addressing them for over 15 years. This expertise allows us to offer a complete range of solutions perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the financial market, but also to design your project according to your needs. To achieve this mission, we collaborate with key players in the instant issuance of payment cards (system integrators, software publishers, card manufacturers, etc.) all over the world.

Over the last 15 years:

  • Over 90,000 printers delivered for payment card personalization
  • In 50 countries
  • For over 1500 financial institutions

Fully digitize your instant card issuance service and other services with in-branch electronic document signing.

There are many procedures that require a signature from your customers: opening a bank account, taking out a loan, taking out insurance, issuing a checkbook or bank card… The services and products you offer are almost all subject to the customer’s signature.

Use of the electronic signature has many advantages for banks. These include:

  • Optimization of security: the use of electronic signature pads ensures the integrity and security of the signed document and guarantees the identity of the signatory.
  • Time and space savings: contracts can run to hundreds of pages to sign, print, and archive. By using the electronic signature, the signatory only needs to sign the document once to validate it, it is not necessary to print the contract, and the archiving is computerized. This not only saves paper but also considerably reduces physical storage space.
  • Modernization of the image: paper signatures can seem tedious to customers. By saving time and also adding degree of comfort to your customers, thanks to the use of electronic signatures, you also improve your brand image.

Depending on the type of procedure to be carried out, the electronic signature can be done at the main counter, at the branch reception desk, or in a separate office during an appointment. It is therefore recommended that all these contact points are equipped for greater efficiency.