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Financial institutions have to deal with a large range of documents:  new account openings, credit and loan applications, deposits and withdrawal slips…

Since they operate from many branches, they need to organize an efficient centralization of these documents.  With traditional paper processes, this leads to huge costs (paper, toner, delivery) and longer delays.

Paper document centralization workflow:

digital signature paper document centralization workflow in financial institutions






Electronic handwritten to save paper and time

Once they implement electronic handwritten signature capture and storage, banks start saving paper and time.  Customer signatures are electronically inserted into the appropriate document template and automatically stored in the bank’s document management system.

Paperless centralization workflow:

Digital signature paperless centralization workflow





Financial institutions can also implement a verification system to compare signatures to know references to fight against fraud and get a greater efficiency.         

Evolis signature pads are the best choice for capturing electronic handwritten signatures at teller and counter locations. These reliable devices guarantee a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure a Return on Investment in less than 1 year.


Benefits of Evolis electronic Signature pads for Banks, Credit unions and other financial institutions

Since less paper is involved, financial institutions save on toner cost, as well as on shipping costs.

Save time and focus on core activity
A paperless workflow with handwritten electronic signatures reduces the paperwork and saves time for the Bank clerk which he or she can dedicate to serving new customers.

It speeds up approval and authorization processes for customer transactions and facilitates the access to documents for employees, since all electronic documents are available in real-time. 

Reinforce the brand image
The use of digital signature pads creates a positive impression at the customer level : the financial institution is perceived as digital innovator which implements advanced technologies to improve customers service and fight against fraud.

Moreover, signature pads such as the Evolis Sig200 can also be used as an advertising medium to display messages about new financial services thanks to their large color screens.

Increase security
Banks and credit unions can significantly reduce the risk of fraud by implementing a verification system of electronic signatures using the biometric data captured with an Evolis signature pad. Signature authentication can be performed quickly and securely thanks to the encrypted data transfer between the Evolis signature pad and the PC.


Featured Product:  Evolis Sig200

  • Backlit display
  • Super slim design and smooth surface for a natural signing experience
  • Real time signature display
  • Plug and Play USB connection
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Strong stylus tether with swivel for ease of use
  • Slide show function to display full color advertisements

Discover the Evolis signature pad SIG200



  • Economical
  • Time savings
  • Reinforce the brand image, Create a good customer impression, acceptance and satisfaction
  • Adds security by controlling the documents at a later stage at any time

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