Whether you are a university, college, high school, middle school, elementary or nursery school, using badges and cards in your institution allows you to access many features: identification, secure access control, access to services, contactless payment, etc . And you get even more advantages if you choose to print them yourself internally, using card printers. Find out how.


Ensuring people’s security with a school ID card

The growing risks associated with malicious trespassing means that you want to be well-equipped to optimize the security of the people who enter your institution: students, teachers, employees, visitors, service providers, etc.

Using your school’s badge as identification allows a first level of essential "visual" control. This school ID card can also control access to the entrances to buildings, rooms, etc., limiting the risk of trespass. 

All of this directly contributes to the protection of people and, at the same time, your equipment.


Preferring "contactless" solutions, so that using the school badge will be faster and more hygienic

The threats that you face may also be health-related. The flow of people in schools is dense and can encourage the spread of viruses. To limit this phenomenon as far as possible, the use of contactless systems is becoming more widespread, particularly through the use of RFID chips.

This technology is particularly suitable for student cards because, in addition to being more hygienic, it gives them a multi-application dimension. The technology is reliable, easy to implement and 
it saves time when dealing with significant flows of people.


Making digital data management more secure by printing your own school ID card

Security also has to do with data security. You are required to process a lot of personal data and it is your responsibility to keep this data confidential.

One of the main best practices in this regard is to keep this information internal: if you share it externally, you run the risk of this data being hacked or copied. This is why it is beneficial to choose solutions that are internal to your organization, including school badges.


Optimizing your internal organization and your investments 

New technologies, changes in regulations, changing contexts, etc. require you to adapt on an ongoing basis. It is therefore important that you have access to internal tools that are easy to use on a daily basis, allowing you to remain flexible.

This also means choosing software that is intuitive and hardware that is ergonomic. It must last over time, and it must be possible to upgrade it, in order to also be able to meet your future needs, which you may not have yet identified.

Investing in equipment over the long term also allows you to deal with the budgetary constraints you often face. You can limit costs, specifically as follows:

  • Using a card printer internally avoids the use of an external service provider and allows you to better control printing time frames
  •  Instant, on-demand printing means that you don’t need to consider minimum orders, and it allows you to have a fixed card cost
  • The options for upgrading your card printer allow you to adapt it to your changing needs, without having to purchase something new

There are so many elements to take into account when choosing equipment.


Promoting equity between all students with multi-service school badges

All students must be able to access the services that you offer with the same level of ease. Using a medium that can operate independently allows you to provide each student with the same access conditions.

This is the advantage of having a student or school card in credit card format: once it is given to each student, it is self-sufficient and can be used by everyone.


Increased efficiency through digitization

The digitization of certain processes in schools can save significant amounts of time and money. Various actions can be digitized, such as the signing of documents. A touch signature tablet  will allow you to limit the use of paper (printing, scanning), while also facilitating the internal processing of these documents and making the signature step secure.

You can therefore use the electronic signature for school reports, signing attendance sheets, internal regulations and even for your attendance register, in order to control access to your buildings.


School badge: lots of possibilities 

Your card printer allows you to print all types of cards and badges:

  • Student card, school ID card,
  • Teacher, employee or visitor badge.
  • Cafeteria cards
  • Field trip badge
  • School transportation badge
  • ...

Depending on your needs, you can choose all the elements of their customization: graphical elements, security, encoding, etc. This makes each card the ideal tool.


Student ID Cards: All student life, in a card.

The student card is an essential part of student life. In addition to its main functions, which are identification and security, it can also be transformed into a multi-use card, providing access to a host of services.

Therefore, it is vital to pay particular attention to the student card, bearing in mind all the possibilities it has to offer. In this way, you can finally create a student card that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Evolis - School ID Card

School ID card

School ID cards are intended to identify an elementary, high school, or college student, in order to prove their membership of the school or college

Digital signature pads for education market

Digital signature

Discover the digital signature pads for schools and universities. Increase student’s satisfaction, Save money and time, environmental-friendly, Increased security

Our recommendations for products that will meet these needs.


  • Zenius: compact and flexible, ideal for printing cards on demand, for small runs.
  • Primacy: fast and versatile, perfectly suited to batch printing, medium and large runs.
  • Tattoo Rewrite: clever and economical, able to print on rewritable cards. This allows you to easily update the desired information (school year, etc.). 


The cardPresso customization software is supplied with all our printers. Available in 6 versions and 18 languages, it gives you access to different levels of functionality: predefined card templates, design customization, database connection, QR Code, encoding, etc.



To meet your future needs, the Primacy printer can be easily upgraded, allowing you to integrate new features. If you did not opt for the lamination module when you purchased your 
Primacy printer, you can easily add it later. This module increases the useful life of your cards and enhances their security. An encoder can also be added later, if your security needs have changed.


The SigPad electronic signature tablet helps you digitize your documents. Its technology guarantees the authenticity of the document and the integrity of the signatory using an encrypted biometric data system, making SigPad is a secure way to use electronic signatures. It also simplifies the processing of signed documents, with less printing and scanning.


All the Kiosk card printers in the range fit perfectly into a self-service terminal, offering completely independent printing. In particular, this method of issuing cards can prove very useful as it frees up your employees’ time in relation to issuing student cards. It also gives students more freedom, as they can pick them up easily.