Employee ID badge printers

Our inventory of plastic card printers provides enhanced flexibility and autonomy in your back-office operations.

Security as a priority.

No matter the type of business, security is always a major issue. In a broad sense, it concerns the structure as a whole: the security of people and flows, building security, goods and materials security, data and document security. An efficient access control system using badges meets a large number of these security needs.

Security of people and flows.

A company is likely to welcome many people on a daily basis: employees, customers, service providers, etc. The safety of these people must be guaranteed the moment they enter the premises. To ensure protection against external threats (invasion, terrorism, etc.), access control using badges has proven to be very effective: only people who have the access badge can unlock the entrance to the premises.

These threats can also be health-related. Unlike an access control system using a numeric keypad or fingerprint, for example, badges are a more hygienic, contactless solution. This medium is quick to use and also makes it possible to improve the flow of people.

Security of goods and materials.

Access control also allows you to easily secure property, equipment, or installations. You can also choose to limit access to certain areas within an establishment. You can assign access rights according to your own rules and thus limit the risk of damage or theft.

Security of data and documents.

By blocking access for unauthorized persons, access control also offers a first level of security for your IT installation and therefore your data. It limits the risks of software piracy and optimizes the security of your IT tools.

Document security begins at the signature stage. Employment contracts, customer contracts, invoice validation, visitor sign-in, etc. all require a secure signature process. An electronic signature tablet is the perfect solution to manage the signing of important documents securely and easily.

Security through traceability.

The traceability of entry and exit within your establishment provides crucial information in the case of an unforeseen event. In the event of an emergency situation requiring evacuation (such as a fire), you can easily obtain a list of the people on site. You can then do a roll call and verify that everyone is safe.

In the event of a situation requiring an investigation after the fact (e.g. theft), traceability allows you to establish the list of people who entered and exited the premises over a given period.

Multi-purpose employee badge: access control and much more.

Providing each of your employees with an access badge allows them to freely access your company. This badge can also regulate access to internal areas (storerooms, server rooms, etc.). What if this badge could also give them access to other functions and services?

Multi-purpose badges are very popular with employees because they make their daily lives easier. With a single item, they can access multiple services. This badge can allow employees to take advantage of internal equipment (e.g. printers) or even provide a virtual wallet that can be topped up to make purchases (coffee machines, vending machines, canteen, etc.).

Some companies, especially in the industrial sector, also choose to integrate employee time management into these badges. In addition to working hours, they can record actual working time and break times using a clock-in system.

Complying with current regulations.

Depending on the country, labor regulations may require employers to comply with specific processes, such as registering employees, keeping their data up-to-date, and providing them with work permits or ID cards. If this applies to you, the issuance of personalized badges in card form is ideal, thanks to all the graphic personalization and encoding possibilities.

Don’t forget about temporary badges.

A Broad Range of Features & Technologies

Regardless of the level of risk your company faces and the level of security you need, a card can easily integrate all kinds of security elements, from the simplest to the most advanced:

  • Personalization of the card design (logo, typography, etc.): by printing cards with your company colors, you make them more difficult to falsify.
  • Personalized elements linked to the card holder (personal photo, last name, first name, etc.): these elements allow a first level of visual control. At a glance, you can verify that the badge belongs to the person wearing it and that he or she is therefore authorized to be here
  • Barcodes/QR codes: these are the easiest elements to integrate into your card to add a contactless access control functionality. They are easily printed onto the card.
  • Magnetic strip/chip: encoding a magnetic strip or a chip with or without contact allows you to integrate the information you want into the card itself (identification number, biometric data, photos, etc.). This data then becomes tamper-proof.
  • Holograms/guilloches: these complex graphic elements are very difficult to reproduce. They are visible to the naked eye, which allows the card to be checked quickly.
  • UV elements/micro-texts: these are just as difficult to falsify as holograms and guilloches. They are almost, if not totally, invisible to the naked eye and require a special tool to be checked (UV lamp, magnifying glass). They therefore constitute one of the highest levels of security.

All these different customization elements can be implemented with a card printer (depending on the model and its available options). When combined, they offer a superior level of security.

A solution that lasts over time.

As your business evolves, your security needs may also change. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a scalable employee ID badge printer solution that produces cards with an optimized lifespan. This is what you get with our card printers, thanks to different options and features:

  • Modification of encoded data: the data contained in the chips and magnetic strips can easily be updated directly via the printer. This allows you to retain the existing cards.
  • Enhanced card protection: the lamination module, purchased with your printer or added later, offers different patches and varnishes. They protect the card so it can last up to 10 years.
  • Adding features after purchase: our company ID card printing can accommodate new features throughout their life. Encoders, lamination modules, and many other functionalities can be easily integrated into your printer to meet your changing needs.

Choose the appropriate printing mode.

The way your employee and visitor cards are printed and distributed will vary depending on the set-up and practices of your organization. The 3 possible modes offer different advantages and can be used in combination.

Handing out badges at reception

  • Flexibility: the printer, often placed on the desk, allows you to print, replace, or update a badge.
  • Responsiveness: instant printing and issuance of the card to the cardholder offers a maximum speed of service.
  • Security: physically handing over the card ensures that it is given to the right person

This option ensures excellent continuity of service. It is especially suitable for printing employee badges and temporary badges, for a medium volume of cards. Our Tattoo Rewrite, Primacy, and Zenius printers meet this need.

Printing badges at self-service terminals.

  • Availability: a self-service terminal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also choose to install several terminals, for even more access points.
  • Economical: the autonomous operation of these terminals requires very few processes and thus reduces human costs.
  • Autonomy: people can use the terminal completely autonomously. It can even offer users a choice between several card designs.

This mode prioritizes the user experience. It is especially suitable for printing temporary badges, for updating or renewing badges, and for a relatively high volume of cards. For this type of printing, we have developed a complete range of printers for self-service terminals.

Batch printing

  • Productivity: batch printing of badges is done at a sustained rate, which allows a large number of cards to be issued in an optimized time.
  • Control: the card printer is physically located within your establishment. This allows you to retain control over the printing of the cards that are then distributed.
  • Cost-effective: the printer used for batch printing has a large capacity. It is therefore generally used alone. You can limit training costs and the human costs of operating the machine.

This mode prioritizes efficiency. It is ideally suited for issuing badges that are printed in advance and for high card volumes. For this printing mode, we recommend our high-autonomy printers, including Avansia, Avansia Lamination, and Quantum.

Our goal: a successful project.