Evolis self service systems

Instant card issuance with self-service terminals enables financial institutions to:

  • Multiply their points of sale at a lower cost in various environments,
  • Increase the quality of the service offered to customers thanks to an immediate 24/7 service.

The Evolis teams ensure that our card personalization modules are easy to integrate into all kinds of terminals, in close partnership with system integrators and kiosk manufacturers.

Instant Issuance of Payment Cards with Self-Service Terminals

Evolis kiosk terminal

Whatever the card type – including cash withdrawal cards, debit cards, credit cards, or prepaid cards – self-service terminals have numerous benefits for banking institutions:

Increased return on investment:

  • Reduction in staff costs
  • Generation of additional revenue by multiplying points of interaction with customers
  • Reduced cost of operation and maintenance thanks to autonomous terminals and remote control

Improved customer experience:

  • The card is issued instantly, whatever the location
  • Waiting time is reduced, without waiting at the counters or being dependent on delivery times.
  • The customer can personalize their card easily at the terminal.


Which Printer for Self-Service Card Issuance?

Evolis self-service terminal kc200-kc200b

Compact modules

The KC Essential, KC Prime and KC Max  printers provide excellent value for money, enabling instant printing of customized plastic cards.

  • Reduced size and total accessibility of the various components and connectors
  • Compactness and autonomy up to 400 cards 
  • Metal casing making them easier and more durable to integrate into your systems.
Evolis self-service terminal KM500-KM2000B

Highly autonomous modules with bezel 

The KM500B and KM2000B printers are characterized by the large capacity of their feeders (500 and 2000 cards respectively). Their use therefore increases the autonomy of the terminal and avoids frequent reloading of cards and ribbons.

  • Up to 4 different designs of pre-printed cards thanks to 4 feeders of 500 cards for the KM2000B.
  • Increased autonomy thanks to a capacity of 500 to 2000 cards and printer ribbons that can produce 3000 single-sided monochrome cards and 500 single-sided color cards.


A Range of Card Printers Adapted To Your Needs

In close partnership with system integrators and kiosk manufacturers, our teams integrate Evolis card personalization modules into all kinds of terminals.  
Evolis solutions are flexible and easy to integrate:

Simplified hardware and software integration

  • The latest generation Evolis Premium SDK (development kit) enables you to optimize integration and communication with your card management IT systems.
  • Our solutions are qualified and integrated by countless  countless instant issuance software providers.
  • They are compatible with all the smart card suppliers on the market. Our systems also have a structure that is easily integrated.

A tailor-made offer

Depending on your specifications, our team designs and configures your solution:

  • Card management: presence of a bezel, types of feeders, card insertion and ejection modes.
  • Countless encoding options: our systems can integrate all types of encoders, which can also be combined (magnetic strip, contact or contactless chip, etc.)


White paper

Self-service printing of payment cards

Instant self-service issuance of payment cards: a growing trend

In this white paper we cover:

  • How are bank branches moving toward an "omnichannel" approach?
  • To what extent is the connected customer leading the change in branches?
  • How can you automate payment card issuance?
Evolis Banking Insight white paper #2

Evolis: Choose the Leader for your Banking Project

Evolis has deployed more than 60,000 personalization systems for financial cards worldwide.
Choosing our solutions means you benefit from advantages that are valued by thousands of bank branches:

  • Intuitive: our solutions are easy to install and use. They require very little training.
  • Adaptable: our printers can be updated as your encoding and security needs change.
  • Local support: our network of 400 distributors throughout the world guarantees installation and maintenance services in over 140 countries.

Customer testimonials – banking sector

Payment cards instant issuance

Oberthur comes back to a successful banking project in 2015 where OT and Evolis have partnered to deliver card printers to a bank in Poland for Sigma Bank. This project has been rolled out within less than 5 months in over 60 branches to issue more than 100,000 payment cards.

Printing EMV bank cards

Cairo Amman Bank

"With Evolis, Gemalto provided Cairo Amman Bank with a complete and integrated solution for personalizing cards on request, whether on opening an account or to replace cards as a matter of urgency, at the level of local branches.

Mathieu Turquand, head of product

Read the success story

Personalized payment cards


«The Card@Once® solution is simple to deploy and can be used on demand without training: the printer starts up and personalizes a card, which is supplied to the cardholder at the branch. No other solution on the market is so easy to use»

Bill Dinker, President of CPI Card Group.

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