ID and Access Control Card

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Ensure everyone who works in your healthcare setting can be identified at a glance and control access with personalized ID badges. Ideal for ensuring hygiene, the plastic card is also extremely practical and offers improved security within your establishment.


In a medical environment, a personalized badge is essential to ensure everyone knows who they are dealing with. In addition to a design that is unique to your establishment, badges can also be printed with various personal details in order to distinguish between roles:

Health cards

  • Photo
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Job title
  • Department
  • Site, etc.

By carrying a named card with their photograph, every member of staff can be immediately identified by everyone in your establishment.

The identification system using plastic cards is also particularly suited to healthcare settings employing workers who visit patients at home. An ID badge is essential here so that patients can confirm the identity of the healthcare professional prior to allowing access to their residence.


Give Your Healthcare Establishment a More Professional Image

Standardize the identification of all personnel in the establishment by opting for employee badges that are fully personalized in line with your organization's branding. Color-coding can be used to ensure that everyone in the establishment can easily recognize the role of each member of staff. 
Personalized identification is very easy to implement and enhances the perception of your establishment. It conveys a reassuring image that boosts confidence among your patients, visitors and staff.


Incorporate personalized information on your employee badges to control access easily and securely. Once implemented, your employees' badges may allow or deny them access to your buildings, sensitive areas and your data.

By making it a requirement to carry a badge, you prevent intrusions by unauthorized persons while protecting your employees, patients, visitors and infrastructure.

Your employee badges can include:

  • a barcode or QR code printed directly on the card
  • a magnetic strip
  • a contact or contactless chip (RFID)

A simple card reader is all that is required to authorize or prevent access. A contactless device has the following advantages:

  • respect for hygiene rules
  • easy access control when there are large numbers of people


Increase the security and longevity of your badges by several years with a protective film (lamination). This means that the smallest alteration to the film will show up any attempt to forge the badge. . 
For an additional level of security on your identification badges, you can opt to incorporate a generic holographic design or a fully personalized holographic design with elements of your choice.



Manage Working Times and Attendance

Employee badges can be used to calculate working times when linked to a time clock system. This allows the Department of Human Resources to more easily manage working times and attendance at your premises.


Simplify Access to Other Services with Your Employee Badges

Turn the employee identification card into a multi-service card. This allows complementary services to be accessed using the employee badge, which becomes a practical and indispensable multi-service card for everyday use. In particular, it can be used to manage:

  • contactless payment for the cafeteria or vending machines in your establishment
  • access to printers, photocopiers, or medical equipment



Evolis - Zenius card printer


  • Single-sided printing
  • Graphic personalization at 300 dpi: background, images, text, barcodes
  • Optional data encoding on the Expert version: magnetic strip, contact and contactless chip (RFID)avoir plus

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Evolis - Tattoo RW


Tattoo RW

  • Up to 500 uses for a single card
  • Rewritable single-sided printing in black or blue
  • Graphic personalization at 300 dpi
  • No printing ribbon requiredavoir plus

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Evolis - Primacy card printer


  • Single or double-sided printing
  • Graphic personalization at 300 dpi: background, images, text, barcodes
  • Optional data encoding: magnetic strip, contact and contactless chip (RFID)
  • Optional lamination module

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Evolis - Avansia card printer


  • Ultra high-definition graphic personalization (600 dpi) and true edge-to-edge printing: background, images, text, barcodes, advanced 2D codes
  • Optional data encoding: magnetic strip, contact and contactless chip (RFID)
  • Printing of UV features
  • Optional lamination module

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Evolis - KC200/KC200B - Card printer


  • Integration in self-service terminals for autonomous printing of cards
  • High-capacity card feeders and printing ribbons
  • Graphic personalization at 300 dpi: background, images, text, barcodes
  • Data encoding: magnetic strip, contact and contactless chip (RFID)

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