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Investor relations

Interview with Emmanuel Picot, CEO, Evolis. January 2017

Photo emmanuel Picot

Evolis published a 2016 turnover of € 76.9M, which is equivalent to 2015. Could you explain the different factors that led to this result??

The unfavorable basis of comparison with the large Tanzanian contract in 2015 and the shift in decision-making on major projects in India and China led to a steady turnover in 2016. However, the dynamism of the last quarter with the delivery of two major contracts in China and a particular growth of our entry-level product enabled us to catch up some of the delay.


What is your assessment of the past year from a commercial point of view?

The year 2016 was finally a good year for Evolis. After a very strong year in 2015, we were able to compensate against the Tanzania effect via a dynamic channel activity (+ 8.2% for ID network activity and + 25% for IT Office activity) and a number of important projects. This year of transition was marked by the launch of the Kiosk range and our new lamination module and the launch of a new business solution for early 2017.

How do you anticipate 2017?

2017 will be a year of structuring, work, new projects and new organization. We will launch new labeling solutions for fresh products designed for small retailers up to the large supermarket chains. Other product launches are under way which will also meet specific business needs.