A European health card for every Polish citizen

Category: Government | 03/12/2013

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Andrzej Smetek - A European health card for every Polish citizen


A European health card for every Polish citizen


Unicard is a leading Polish ID company, established more than twenty years ago. Since 2000, Unicard has been Evolis’ distributor in Poland with many successful projects like printers delivery for the Polish National Healthcare Fund or their Polish social insurance institution.


In accordance with the European Law, the Polish National Healthcare Fund, had to replace all the paper healthcare insurance documents with plastic cards. NHF decided to issue just simple ISO ID-1 plastic cards with visual monochrome personalization. The card is personalized with the first name, last name, expiry date and some ID numbers.

They started in 2004 with the Tattoo and Pebble printers and more than 140 Evolis card printers have been deployed in Poland. In 2011, the project has soared to new heights, with the deployment of 35 new Zenius and Primacy printers as replacements to the existing base.

Thanks to this project, NHF was able to implement European directive, and the Polish citizens got a new easy to carry and easy to use healthcare insurance documents.

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