Evolis Red Program

Combined Expertise made easy!

We are 100% partner focused, so supporting the community and recognizing our partners who offer  added value to end-users is important to us.

The Evolis Red Program ensures our partners offer the highest level of service while providing recognition, support and benefits to the RED community.

The program’s multi-level approach recognizes our partners’ sales efforts in three measurable partner tiers:

Evolis - Logo Red Program 2021

Why Join the Community?

You are an Evolis Partner? The Red Program supports you with easy-to-use and efficient tools to promote the Evolis offer and help you grow your sales.

Your key benefits as certified partner:

Being part of the Evolis Red Program community
allows you to benefit from the globally recognized
Evolis brand. The program assists your end-users
in confidently purchasing Evolis products, solutions, services, and support. An Evolis certified logo will signify your accreditation.
You benefit from leads generated by Evolis’ global and regional marketing campaigns. Leads priority is given to Evolis Platinum and Gold Partners.
Evolis provides a range of industry leading certified training programs which help enrich and scale the skills set for your technical and commercial teams.
Sales and Marketing Enablement
The Evolis Red Program includes a range of Sales and Marketing services and tools to support your growth and scale.

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Who Can Participate? How to register?

In order to qualify for access into the program, our resellers partners must meet and maintain a level of set criteria within one of the three partner tiers.

You are an Evolis reseller partner and want to apply to the Evolis Red Program? Please complete the online qualification form via the link below.

Once complete, your request will be qualified by your Distributor and Evolis representative. Upon confirmation of your accreditation, you will be contacted & notified with your status and personal logo, which will be activated upon receipt of your contractual documents duly signed.