Drivers for Signature Pads

Signature Pads Sig100 Sig200


signoSign/2 is the essential piece of software for your signature pad.

Available for 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. 
Try signoSign/2 during 30 days for free or contact your Evolis sales representative to get your full software licence.

Bundles with SignoSign2 and Evolis signature pads are available.

Download Signosign2


Only latest software versions are provided. Without a software maintenance contract (AMS), the use of the newer versions of the software is subject to a charge.

Please keep both the license file and the setup carefully. You can reuse them in the event of a system move or reinstallation.

Free dditional software tools

  • SignoPAD-Tools

- signoIntegrator/2 : Capture of the signature as an image and insert it as graphic at cursor position in any Windows Program.

- signoImager/2 : Capture and save of the signature as an image in the system or clipboard

Download SignoPAD-Tools 32/64bit

  • ​SlideShow manager

SlideShow manager is a simple tool that transforms your Sig200 / Sig Activ into an interactive display to address messages to your users.
Create your own Slideshow with up to 10 pictures on your Sig200 / Sig Activ.

Download SlideShow Manager

Twain/ Wia driver

This driver allows you to use your signature pad as an image capture device (such as a scanner).

Driver for Sig Activ model

Software development Kit (SDK)

A software development Kit (SDK) is available for free on demand.
Please contact Evolis or go on the partners website to download it.


Adobe Reader Plug-In

Sign your PDF documents with your own handwritten signature directly within Acrobat Writer or Adobe Reader.
Your own handwritten signature is added to the PDF document as secured electronic signature.
Contact your Evolis sales representative for a price quotation.


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