Security ribbons

National ID cards, polling cards, driving licenses and other official documents require very high security standards to fight forgeries and wear. Plastic cards are therefore the ideal solution for any official document with a credit card size.

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lps029naa generic hologram patch

Generic Hologram Patch

R4251, LPS033NAA, LPS029NAA - Protect your cards against forgeries and falsification!

lvr037naa generic hologram varnish

Generic Hologram Varnish

RVA022NAA, R4002, LVR037NAA, LVA036NAA & R4213 - Add security to your cards!

lva038naa Clear varnish film

Clear Varnish

R4212 and LVA038NAA - The clear varnish ribbons provide a thin, protective covering to secure the personalized data on cars

lps028naa clear patch 1.0mil

Clear Patch

R4211, R4221, LPS032NAA, LPS028NAA, LPS030NAA, LPS034NAA, LPA047NAA, LPA048NAA, LPA049NAA and R4231 (discontinued) - Clear laminate patches provide excellent adhesion and durability to protect your cards from wear-and-tear of daily use.