• Evolis blank card

PETF cards - Part # C3001

  • PETF material is more resistant to the heat: requested in projects where high quality and durability are a must or for lamination printing
  • Compliant with ISO CR-80 standards: Length: 85.6mm and width: 54mm
  • Pack of 500 cards
  • C3001

PETF Cards

This type of card work well in high-use applications where the cards have a barcode or a magnetic stripe used for access control, time and attendance or payment. Any application that requires frequent swiping would use a PETF card.

The PETF material is tear-proof: the inherent quality of the PET material, a much more resistant substrate than PVC. They are less likely to crack or warp in extreme temperatures. For instance, they are recommended for use at the ski areas or when laminating a card ( the card is not bent).

Chlorine-free PET material, which make up the core of this product, is universally celebrated for its environmental respect compared with PVC.


Storage information

Avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temparatures. Do not place near solvent or other chemicals.