Case study – Corporate

State Grid Centrally Issues Real-Name staff Identification badges to Achieve Precise Control of Participants

State Grid centralizes badge issuance with a Zenius printer

The challenge: issue real-name staff identification badge

State Grid is a wholly state-owned company in China. It mainly engages in investing in the construction and operation of the power grid. In order to enhance the safety management of infrastructure projects and to control the access to the site of all its employees, State Grid has issued real-name staff badges.

The solution: over 300 Evolis Zenius printers deployed in State Grid’s subsidiaries in Hebei and Shandong provinces

A dedicated system was developed to establish a personal identity recognition system. The Zenius card printer was chosen for card issuance. The badges are printed in color on one side. In addition to the logo, the photo, name, card number and unique QR code are printed on the badge. Employees receive their personalized badge when they arrive on site and confirm their attendance on the terminal every day by badge scanning and face recognition.

The result: Up to 80,000 badges had been issued by the end of 2020. More subsidiaries are expected to use Zenius printer system

In early 2019, the subsidiaries of State Grid have completed the centralized badge issuance process and entered the employee’s personal information in the database. After that, each branch will be equipped with a Zenius card printer which will immediately collect data from the newly joined staff members and print the personal identification badges on site.