Sporting event: personalized access badges

Case study – Hospitality and Leisure

Sporting event: personalized access badges

Rapid identification of participants in the European Water Polo Championships.

The challenge

For the 62 water-polo teams taking part, the sporting stakes were high. Given the high profile of many of the athletes, it was just as important for the organizers to ensure maximum security around the pools.

The solution

Yoter Publishing, a technical publications specialist, and Rufusz Computer, Evolis’s distributor in Hungary, used a badge-based system to allow rapid visual identification of the 1,200 people expected (trainers, competitors, referees, team captains and organizers).    

Zenius card printer, connected to a PC containing information on those taking part, was used to pre-print more than 1,000 personalized, colour-coded ID cards before the competition began. For late-comers who had been unable to obtain an ID card before the start of the competition, a webcam system was used to take a quick photograph and print the card immediately.

The result

The ID cards had to be robust with high print quality and the Zenius card printer met both these requirements and produced personalized ID cards with professional quality.