Case study – Corporate

Printing electrical cable markers on pre-cut plastic cards

Partex uses the Primacy system for instant printing of cable markers on pre-cut plastic cards in credit card format.

The challenge: saving time on printing electrical cable markers

A global leader with 70 distributors around the world, Swedish group Partex invented marker systems for electrical wires and cables.  In the past, wires and cables used to be marked with a single character marker. The markers were then inserted manually onto cables one by one. This task was very time-consuming and prone to errors.

The solution: on-site printing by electrical installers

The Partex Group chose the Primacy system for instant printing of cable markers on pre-cut plastic cards in credit card format. This solution saves time and increases quality.

Evolis systems are mainly used for marking distribution boards and cables in workflow or data processing centers.

Partex offers its customers two types of applications: 

  • printing of electrical wire and cable markers for electrical installers,
  • the distribution of Evolis printing systems to their resellers so they can print cable markers on their customers’ premises.

The result: reliable, fast, and consistent marking

The benefits of Evolis printing systems for marking electric cables are:

  • Speed: Instantly printing markers on perforated cards is five times faster than single marker systems.
  • Consistency of marking: the Primacy printer ensures the same level of quality and the same positioning of the marking on every card, even for large volumes.
  • Reliability: Evolis systems are very robust.
The Evolis printer is a good investment. It is easy to use. It can be installed on a customer site in just a few minutes, and production can begin immediately. Thanks to this system, we can print information straight from databases, and it can be checked before it is printed.
Fabrice Valot, Managing Director of Partex France