Identifying students while monitoring visitors and attendance for greater security.


Endhaven Primary School (USA) has established an ID system for pupils and a system that monitors movements within the school. This system is based on a common denominator… named school ID cards.


Safe-Card ID, an official distributor of Evolis printers, prints school ID cards that allow the attendance and movements of pupils within the school to be monitored.

How does it work?

Before the start of each school year, Endhaven School gives all the information on their pupils to Safe-Card ID, which takes care of printing.

The school also has its own Evolis card printer and an easy-to-use personalization software for managing reprints of lost badges. The design of the school ID card is stored in the memory of the school’s printer. By simply entering the first name, surname, class, and teacher’s name, school staff can reprint cards fully independently!


The printing carried out prior to the start of the school year allows the school to provide high-quality badges, right from the first day of class.