Municipal Services Card For Angers, France

Case study – Government

Municipal Services Card For Angers, France

Angers Loire Metropole has gathered under a unique single municipal card the access to a broad range of services.

The challenge: Harmonize municipal services cards

Angers Loire Metropole, a large urban area home to some 300,000 people, wanted a single municipal card to access a broad range of services to coincide with the opening of its first tram line. Its aim was a modern and streamlined card-based solution for the residents of the agglomeration.

The solution: a single smart card to access all the city’s services

The smart card with an RFID chip is printed with the decentralized card printer system Zenius from Evolis. Services have evolved over the years, based on data provided by RFID technology (radio frequency identification).

The card holds the user’s name, a photograph and a unique identifier. Made from PVC, it is linked to a website that gives access to a wide variety of online services and to the city’s amenities and public transport including:

  • trams,
  • buses,
  • swimming pools,
  • skating rink,
  • libraries
  • and municipal sports centers.

The result: 42 Evolis printing systems deployed across Angers’ municipal departments

Every year an average of 12,000 new cards are issued for daily use by more than 100,000 people in total. 180 municipal employees from different departments and sites use the A’tout system.

42 Evolis systems are installed in the city hall, local municipal offices, libraries and at the entrance to two swimming pools.

Cards can be issued to users in the space of a few minutes upon presentation of the necessary documents and are ready for immediate use.

The A’Tout card is now an integral part of the city’s services. Our priorities include improving people’s experience of the city and simplifying daily life for everyone. A’Tout is a valuable asset for making Angers a better place to live.
Christophe Béchu, Mayor, City of Angers