More canteen cards for the school canteen association.

CASE STUDY – Education

More canteen cards for the school canteen association.

School canteen association upgrades to Zenius to print its canteen cards

The challenge: to find a high-performance printer to issue larger volumes of canteen cards

“Assiette Scolaire” is a parent association that was set up to ensure the smooth running of the privately run canteens at Sainte Marie elementary school and Collège St Joseph high school in the town of Vallet, France. These canteens serve on average 1,000 meals each day to both elementary and high school students. To access these meals, the students need their own personalized canteen cards.

These cards have been issued using the Evolis Badgy solution for the past five years. Every year, the association would issue 300 to 600 cards, in addition to replacements. Badgy met the needs of the association but given the increase in student numbers over recent years, this printer was no longer suitable. The association now estimates that it needs to issue around 700 cards per year for its students, so it was looking for a high-performance solution with more speed and, above all, with a higher card issuing capacity.

The solution: Zenius, the solution for medium volume card printing

After five years of using the Badgy solution, the association naturally chose another Evolis solution. It approached IBcard, an Evolis reseller, who guided the association toward a solution adapted to its new needs: the Zenius printer.

Like Badgy, the new solution offers single-sided, full-color printing, which means that the card has retained the same design despite the change in solution. It also includes all the same essential card data such as:

  • Student photo
  • Date of birth
  • School
  • Class
  • Student address
  • Barcode

The association was also pleased that, in addition to the high school students, the elementary school pupils could have their own cards too. Its main aim was to be able to issue a larger volume of cards more quickly than the previous solution. With the Zenius printer, the association can issue customized canteen cards to all its students and instantly replace lost cards.

We’d been using the Badgy printer for five years, but we wanted to change it. The new Zenius solution meets our new expectations and allows us to print a higher volume of cards with more speed.
Philippe Bazon, manager for the “Assiette Scolaire” association

The result: all student canteen cards are issued instantly with a printing capacity adapted to need

The association is delighted with its acquisition of the Zenius solution. The benefits of this printer include its print speed, flexibility, and autonomy – all must-haves for Assiette Scolaire. Thanks to Zenius, the association secretary, who is the main user of the solution, can now print a larger volume of cards in a shorter period of time. The Zenius is configured to issue about 120 cards/hour. This performance capability means that the association can issue the desired volume of cards each year with more speed.

What’s more, its small footprint ensures easy integration. Thanks to our reseller IBCard, an optimal installation was assured.