Medical appointment cards

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Medical appointment cards

Appointment cards printed on rewritable plastic cards.

The challenge

Orthodontics is a long treatment process, taking place over several stages, and requires a series of appointments to be made over a long period of time. French orthodontist surgeries wanted to find a way to address significant absenteeism, which often leads to prolonged treatment and disruption for the surgery.

The solution

With this in mind, the company Arakis, a leading software developer for managing orthodontist surgeries in France, developed a software and hardware solution allowing appointment cards to be personalized on a plastic medium. Specifically, the patient is given a plastic card at their first appointment which they keep until the end of their treatment.

The rewritable solution

Using rewritable technology and the TattooRW card printer, the patient’s personal data, the times of the next appointments, and, in some cases, temporary information related to the surgery are updated on the patient card each time they visit.

The result

“This solution has many advantages. Our first priority was to offer a more durable medium and we have most definitely achieved that, but we also wanted to offer cards that would not be thrown away. With Tattoo RW, we’ve found the perfect solution! It not only meets our need for print quality and speed, but also the need for a low card consumption level, through the rewriting of data. It is economical and provides high-quality branding for the surgery, which is highly appreciated by orthodontists,” said Laurent Crumière, Arakis Technical Director.