Kidzania India issues kids’ cards with Evolis systems

Case study – Hospitality and Leisure

Kidzania India issues kids’ cards with Evolis systems

Printing customized cards for interactive indoor theme park chain.

The challenge: Print 10 000 customized cards per month for interactive indoor theme park chain

KidZania is an international interactive indoor theme park chain that inspires and educates kids through real-life role-play activities. Built like a city, it has a functioning economy & its own in-house currency Kidzos. There are hundreds of activities for children to participate in such as a bank, an aviation academy, a hospital, a radio station, a driving school, a university, a fire station and many others where they can spend or earn the Kidzos. In India, KidZania Mumbai and KidZania Delhi provide children with debit or student cards or a driver’s license printed on a plastic card with Evolis systems.

The solution: 12 Primacy Duplex card printers for instant issuance of cards

Between its Mumbai & Noida locations, KidZania India uses 12 Evolis Primacy Duplex Printers to instantly print personalized cards for some activities. Cards are valid for the three applications:

  • Personalized debit cards
  • Personalized student cards
  • Driving license

The result: A flexible and quick solution for card issuance

The internal instant card issuance was the only solution for Kidzania India in order to be independent from any external suppliers and to issue the cards instantly.

KidZania India trusts Evolis for all their card printing needs because of the availability of consumables and prompt service support. Today more than 10,000 cards are printed each month at KidZania with zero downtime.
Sahebrao Shelke, IT Manager at KidZania Mumbai