Italian supermarkets use Edikio

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Italian supermarkets use Edikio

A completely integrated price tag solution.

Italian Supermarket Chain Uses Plastic Price Tag System to Enhance Shelf Appeal

Conad is one of the largest supermarket cooperatives in Italy. Their most important member, the cooperative PAC 2000A which operates in four Italian regions, was the first to deploy the new plastic price labeling system Edikio for the fresh food sections.

Before choosing the Edikio system for price tags, the stores printed their price tags on paper cards which were then inserted in plastic pockets. However, the black font on white cards was not very visible and esthetic. Hygiene and manpower also became more and more of an issue, as paper cards could not be cleaned easily and had to be replaced frequently. Several store managers were dissatisfied with the existing solution and suggested to the headquarters to search for alternative solutions.

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What I appreciate is that the printer is simple to use, and our stores save a lot of time as they do not need to produce new price tags all the time. There has not been a single failure since we have it.
Paolo Coletti, IT Manager Points of Sale at PAC 2000A, Conad Group