Case study – Education

Issuance of personalized student cards in Spain

Find out how Evolis set up a system to issue university cards instantly at a large number of Spanish universities, including Alicante, Salamanca, Grenada, and Zaragoza.

The challenge: Deliver and customize multi-feature student cards

Until now, the task of collecting data manually in order to issue university cards could prove long and tedious for universities. It could also lead to mistakes, delays, additional costs, and even dissatisfaction.  Reducing the time was not possible and it could take up to three weeks for the universities to gather all the information (forms, photos etc.), issue the cards and then deliver them to the students either by post or at a collection point.

Among the 79 universities in Spain, many campuses have already set up a smart card system called TUI (Tarjeta Universitaria Inteligente). Promoted by Banco Santander, this system to issue university cards instantly has already been adopted in almost one university in five, including Valladolid.

The solution: Evolis Primacy for instant issuance on site

For the universities, being able to issue cards instantly has the benefit of combining data entry and card issue for improved automation at the start of the academic year. Similarly, this system provides a better replacement service during the year.

From now, students get it in only 3 minutes after providing their personal data and having been shot by a camera during their registration.

The issuing process consists of:

  • Collecting the student’s identity data in the card issuing office
  • Checking that the student appears in the student roll
  • Automatically generating a student number and barcode
  • Taking a photo using a tablet
  • Personalizing the card with graphic and electronic features (particularly bank details if associated with a payment application),
  • Giving the card to the student and activating it in the system
It is a contactless card with a chip and QR code and is personalized thanks to a Primacy card printer by Evolis.

The result: A multi-applicative student card essential for every student

This student card offers numerous services and benefits:

  • Access control to buildings and sport areas of the university
  • Book lending at the library
  • Payment of registration fees and in the public transport.

The card is used as well as an electronic wallet and gives discounts in many shops in each city.

The University of Valladolid is one of many Spanish universities (Alicante, Salamanca, Grenada, Zaragoza etc.) to have adopted this smart solution with multiple applications from an Evolis printer. It is estimated that 40,000 TUI cards have been issued so far.

Local television channel RTVCYL (Radio Televisión de Castilla y León) made a documentary of the launch of the TUI card at the University of Valladolid. Watch the video below.