ID cards for tobacco planters

Case study – Corporate

ID cards for tobacco planters

Plastic ID cards with photograph and digital fingerprint for monitoring.

The challenge

The tobacco industry in Tanzania is being modernized, updating the processes and introducing traceability  for the harvest. These modernization measures could not be envisaged without the implementation of a system for identifying the planters, estimated as being more than 100,000.

The performance of our information and identification system is extremely important to enable us to achieve our harvest and sales targets.
A coordinator of the Tobacco Board of Tanzania

The solution

CropsData, a data management company, developed an Agriculture Management Information System (AMIS) to optimize tobacco harvest traceability. The Evolis Primacy card printer, designed to print on both sides of cards, was selected to print the 100,000 ID cards locally in 14 data centres in Tanzania.

The result

100,000 cards with photograph, fingerprint and planter’s ID were printed on the Primacy in just under 12 months. The ID card proposed by CropsData AMIS-Tobacco provides the information that is essential for ensuring the smooth operation of the tobacco industry as it is currently organised in Tanzania.