Over a thousand access badges issued at the Ski Mountaineering World Championships

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The challenge:

The World Championships of Ski Mountaineering, an increasingly popular sport, are held every four years in various ski resorts. In 2019, the competition took place in the Villars-sur-Ollon ski area, in Switzerland. Responsible for organizing this event, the SkiMo-Villars association was faced with the huge task of controlling and facilitating participant access, for over 1,000 people from 31 different nations (athletes, their team members, VIP members, committee members and 150 volunteers).

The solution:

To meet this challenge, the association chose the Evolis Primacy printing solution to issue access badges suitable for such a large-scale event.

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Efficient, compact and fast, the Primacy solution proved to be a valuable ally in organizing the event. The association’s members, who, after an hour and a half’s training, were able to produce badges themselves, were particularly impressed with the high-quality graphic finish.

Using the ID cards designed and produced by Primacy, SkiMo-Villars was able to optimize and professionalize its approach to participant access and control, even though this association is made up entirely of volunteers.


With the Primacy solution, the association created two different types of badges according to participant profile: one type of badge was produced for athletes and their team members, and another for volunteers.

The cards were personalized on site, using two Primacy printers that were connected to the association’s database. Thanks to the Primacy double-sided printing module, the badges were printed in record time (more than 140 cards per hour).

By assigning specific color codes, the organizers were able to identify the type of participant with a quick glance, and thus confirm whether they were allowed access to a particular location in the ski area.

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