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The challenge 

In the United States, bank customers can have their payment cards personalized instantly, as soon as they open an account. This is possible thanks to the efforts of EFT Source, a market leader in turnkey solutions for managing and producing payment cards.



The solution




In practice, the bank using [email protected]® provides EFT Source with the cardholder's personal data. For the graphical and electrical customization of the card, EFT Source relies on an Evolis Dualys card printer, specifically customized for the needs of the [email protected] application. The payment card is produced on site and supplied to the cardholder.


Strict security prerequisites

This approach accelerates card activation, with a positive commercial impact. CardatOnce has strict security prerequisites and the Dualys printer has been redesigned to meet them:

  • A locking system has been added to prevent all access to blank cards
  • A Linux-based computer has been connected to the printer to secure the link between each branch and the EFT Source sites



The result

"The [email protected]® solution is simple to deploy and can be used on demand without training: the printer starts up and

personalizes a card, which is supplied to the cardholder at the branch. No other solution on the market is so easy to use," said Bill Dinker, President of EFT Source.

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