Case study – Corporate

Employee ID badges and construction site access cards

Avoiding fraud through the visual identification of construction site employees.

The challenge

There is a high level of social security payment fraud in Austria, particularly in the construction sector. To curb these practices, new regulations in force since 2009 require all persons working on a construction site to be identified, using a site access card.

The solution

With this in mind, the software publisher ISHAP has developed a solution allowing people working on a construction site to be identified directly on site. At the core of the ISHAPCARD solution is a database that brings together all the documents and data relating to workers allocated to the construction site (photo, social security number, name). ISHAPCARD interfaces with an Evolis Tattoo or Zenius printer to personalize the employee badges.

The result

The system is running at full capacity: between 2009 and 2013, more than 80,000 cards were producedThe Evolis card printers are highly appreciated in this context for their:

  • Compatibility with the Linux environment
  • Quality
  • The reliability of Evolis customer support