Electronic signature pads register gamblers in Czech Republic

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Electronic signature pads register gamblers in Czech Republic

450 signature pads deployed in casinos all over the country.

Challenge: Registration of gamblers and transmission of signatures

SlotGroup Inc. is the largest gambling corporation in the Czech Republic accounting for more than 140 casinos. The new Czech gambling act, effective since January 2017, requires gambling operators to register and transmit personal data of all players to the regulatory authorities. Gambling operators will be required to ensure that a person named on an “excluded” list, i.e. people living on social benefits, unemployed or alimony evaders,  will not be allowed to gamble. Players must give their written consent to the transmission of their personal data by signing a consent form.

The solution: 450 signature pads deployed in casinos all over the country

SlotGroup decided to manage this data collection with electronic signature pads from Evolis. 450 Evolis signature pads were purchased from the Czech Evolis distributor Cardhouse. The purpose is to capture and register the players’ signature in the casinos of SlotGroup. Slot Casino decided to purchase two different models:

  • Sig100, with a monochrome LCD screen and small size. They are in operation in smaller casinos.
  • Sig200, with color display are used in larger casinos in order to push marketing information to VIP players who have subscribed to a loyalty program.

The result: 50,000 electronic signatures processed each month

Around 50,000 signatures are processed per month. The implementation on site has been carried out by the IT staff of the group. Only one Evolis software development kit was needed to implement the signature pad into SlotGroup’s own software solution. Correct handling of the pads is easy to learn, as it is a straight forward process with minimum requirements for training.

In order to comply with the new gambling act, signature pads seemed to us the most practical and secure way. The Evolis signature pads have the best price/quality ratio.
Mr. Suchy, IT director of Slot Group