Case study – Retail

An efficient solution for creating labels for supermarkets

German supermarkets turn to Edikio Price Tag for their price tag needs.

42 Mix-Markt stores in Germany have been using the all-in-one Edikio Price Tag solution to label their refrigerated goods.

After a first successful trial run, Monolith Ouest ordered Edikio Price Tag Access solutions from German wholesaler Identbase for the region’s 42 Mix-Markt stores.
Since 2018, these supermarkets have been using the Edikio Price Tag solution to create and print price tags for the fresh produce in their meat and fish sections.
Members of staff were trained by phone, and the employees found the Edikio Price Tag solution easy to get to grips with thanks to the simple, user-friendly software.

80 to 150 labels are in use in each store’s fresh produce sections and are only ever reprinted when product details or prices change.

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Thanks to Edikio Price Tag solutions, making our labels has become a really straightforward process. The software is easy to use and each supermarket’s management team can choose their template from the library, before customizing the design, adding their logo and printing.
Alexander Keller, Monolith West Sales Representative