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Multi-purpose cards in universities

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The challenge

A single card containing all the data necessary for a whole range of student services. This idea appealed to the higher education managers at UNR Paris, but these cards can soon become out-of-date if the data is not updated regularly.




The solution

Monécarte designed the Uni'Campus terminal, an interactive machine which promises to free up administration services from managing cards after they are issued.


For independent updates, the user experience must be as simple as possible. That's precisely what is offered by the Uni'Campus terminal:

  1. The card is inserted by the cardholder and the data is read
  2. The new data is encoded in the chip
  3. The rewriteable area of the card is updated
  4. The card is returned to the cardholder


The Uni'Campus terminal was created by adapting and integrating the Evolis Tattoo RW card printer.

Tattoo RW was personalized for the specific requirements of the cards produced by Uni'Campus:

  • The plastic casing was removed to make it easier to be physically integrated into the machine
  • Dual encoding was added, for the purposes of updating contact and contactless chips, as well as authentication and data encryption using a SAM module to ensure the security of payment operations.


The result


At the Université Numérique Recherche de Paris, more than 450,000 personalized cards need to be updated. The Uni'Campus machines are running at full capacity.

"Our customers appreciate the high print quality, reliability, efficiency, and ease of use of Evolis printers," said Emmanuel Billac, Managing Director, Monecarte.

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