Decentralized production of driver’s licenses

Secure, on-site personalization of pre-printed cards.

The challenge

Instant and local provision of secure driver’s licenses, while minimizing costs.

The solution

Tesco, an Evolis distributor in Jordan, deployed 40 Securion card printers while still keeping costs to a minimum, by:

  • Decentralizing printing across several administrative sites: reducing the cost of postage and improving responsiveness
  • Personalizing a pre-printed card: optimizing costs for high-volume printing
  • Using half-panel ribbons for printing the photo of the cardholder and their personal data: reducing the cost through ribbon printing, a long-term saving

Finally, the lamination phase conducted by the Securion printer ensured the security and durability of the driver’s licenses.

The result

“We made a bid in response to this call for tender, and our services were retained to supply 40 Securion printers. This printer is ideal for the specific needs of our client, namely the decentralized provision of licenses across several sites,” said Georges Abdel-Massih, Business Development Manager at Tesco, Evolis distributor in Jordan.