Customer identification cards for sports betting in Austria

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Customer identification cards for sports betting in Austria

100.000 cards issue and delivered to betting offices in Austria

The challenge: register players at betting offices with ID photo according to a new Austrian law

In Austria, sports’ betting achieves an annual turnover growth of approx. 20%. Since 2016, a new Austrian betting law stipulates that players must register at the betting office with photo ID.  CASHPOINT, a European sports betting specialist, wanted a system with which its betting offices can create and print the ID member card autonomously.

The solution: 60+ Avansia systems installed in points of sales

Variuscard, the Evolis partner in Austria, presented Avansia to Cashpoint, which was selected for:

  • its reliability,
  • its print speed,
  • its high print quality.

Cashpoint has installed more than 60 Evolis Avansia systems at its points of sale, which issue coded ID customer cards in just a few minutes.

For security reasons, the customer card is

  • pre-personalized by Variuscard with an encoded chip,
  • encoded a second time by the staff of the betting offices,
  • personalized and printed with the name and the photo of the customer.

The result: 100,000 cards issued and delivered to all offices

The customer immediately receives his personalized customer card which allows him to start his bets a few moments later. Up to the end of 2017, 100,000 customer cards are expected to be issued and delivered to all CASHPOINT offices.

We have been observing a trend towards the printing of plastic cards directly at the point of sale, especially in the entertainment market. Our customers are more autonomous and reactive with these printing systems.
Michael Dorner, managing director of Variuscard