What is a retransfer card printer?

Card printers that use retransfer technology for the printing process give us some advantages over direct-to-card printing technology. Retransfer printing covers 100% of the card area, which is why it is also known as over the edge printing, the retransfer tape on which it is printed has a protective layer that translates into a longer useful life, more brightness and better color registration that is comparable to that of a pre-printed card.

The printer is useful for large projects such as government

When the sublimation ink retransfer printer has a 600 dpi head, it allows us to add security elements without increasing the cost of printing, these 600 dpi allow us to print a pattern of curved lines of repetitive and complex design commonly called guilloche, which It is very difficult to replicate if you do not have the original design file, in the same way it allows the printing of variable texts with very small sizes that are not visible to the human eye, for this reason this technology is appreciated in government projects

Other advantages of retransfer

Another advantage that retransfer technology offers us is to be able to print on cards with material other than PVC such as PET, Polycarbonate, etc.; as well as printing on cards with irregular surfaces such as contactless cards and contact chip cards in which the printing is up to the metal edge of the chip, which, unlike direct printing technology equipment on the card, must be concealed in the area that it cannot be printed.

We must add that due to the printing technology in which it is printed on a film that is always clean since it is unrolled while it is used since the head and the tapes rest on a soft roller, they are the ideal conditions to ensure that the head is well protected and cared for allowing a lifetime guarantee on the head.

Evolis Avansia and its retransfer solution

Evolis with its Avansia retransfer printer, not only gives us all the benefits of this technology, but it is also a very robust equipment with an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure or mean time between failures) of 100,000 cards, Avansia users are more than satisfied, seeing superior performance compared to equipment from other brands.

Likewise, its ease of use due to the colors both in the cartridges and in the plastic parts of the ribbon that indicate where to install the colored ribbon and the retransfer ribbon and the graphic indications on the printer cover, it is very easy for a user with little experience to be able to change tapes.  It also has a display that indicates the status of the printer, which is very useful for both the user and technical support. 

The Avansia retransfer printer from Evolis has been gaining market and important projects worldwide.