Printing module for self-service terminals

Which Card Printing Module For Self-Service Terminals

The demand for self-service kiosks has been rising over the past few years. Kiosks are used by banks, leisure and transport operators, universities and shops to meet growing consumer needs and expectations for instant, on-the-spot services, while also reducing operating and personnel costs.

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Applications of a plastic card issued by a Self-service terminal

Self-service kiosks can incorporate an instant card issuance module to provide faster service to users. The fields of application are vast, ranging from payment cards to student cards, through visitor badges, ski passes or gift cards.

The card creation modules offer a wide range of graphic and electronic personalization options using magnetic stripes, chips and contactless chips. The modules are generally produced by a specialist in plastic card printing systems and then incorporated into the kiosks as an add-on by the kiosk manufacturers or system integrator.

Focus on the client when making your choice

The end client’s objectives will vary: does he want to:

  • improve management of customer traffic flows and peaks,
  • ensure continuity of service outside opening hours when staff is not available (e.g. arrivals   at a hotel or replacing lost bank cards),
  • offer a personalized option (e.g. customized card design)…?

These objectives will determine the most important criteria when a terminal manufacturer or a system integrator selects the card printing module. An in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs and a detailed analysis of current card printer modules are essential for the integrator to put together an effective bid.

Thoughtful consideration of the meaningful criteria addressed in this article will optimize the integrator’s time and budget.

This guide details seven criteria to consider when choosing a printing module for a self-service kiosk project.