Learn All About the Instant Issuance of Bank Cards via the Cloud.

SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions available via the cloud are growing rapidly. And it’s no different in the financial sector, where solutions of this type are increasingly being developed for the instant issuance of bank cards. In exchange for a subscription, the SaaS solution provider takes care of everything else!

So how does this solution fit in with other solutions for the instant issuance of bank cards? What benefits can you expect? How can you deploy it in the best possible way?

What are SaaS solutions for the instant issuance of bank cards?

There are three possible solutions for issuing your bank cards instantly:

Develop a specific solution in-house

You can develop your own solution for the instant issuance of bank cards. This requires significant human resources in Research & Development and therefore time and a development budget. Our bank card printers can be adapted to these custom developments thanks to the SDK (Software Development Kit) available free of charge.

Invest in market software

There are many “off-the-shelf” instant issuance solutions available for purchase. This solution is installed internally and also requires the installation of all the IT equipment necessary for its operation (server, cryptography, etc.). The customization options are satisfactory, but less extensive than in the development of a specific solution. To learn more, you can consult our article about integrated instant issuance for bank card printing in branches.

Subscribe to a SaaS offer

This model is based on a subscription system. Widely used for many software offerings in other markets, this trend is also growing for the instant issuance of bank cards. All the IT infrastructure required to run the service in the cloud is supported by the solution provider (server, cryptographic equipment).  Their maintenance and compliance with security standards are then also the responsibility of the provider. All you have to do is subscribe to the offer of your choice according to your needs, install the printers in your branches, and connect them to your network and the chosen SaaS solution.

All the advantages of a SaaS offer for the instant issuance of bank cards.

  • Quick and easy to deploy

The integration requirement from you is so low that deployment is very fast. It is only necessary to configure the settings between the printers and the chosen solution. Everything else happens on the side of the SaaS solution provider—you just have to subscribe to enjoy the service.

  • Scalable

The subscription system is very flexible. You can start by simply testing the solution on a small scale and then roll it out more broadly to all your bank branches. The connection process to the bank card issuance service will be the same for all.

Adding functionality (such as a new card template) is also just as easy, without having to resort to extensive IT development.

  • Cost-effective

The subscription you take out corresponds to your actual usage. You know exactly how much your solution will cost. Since the solution provider manages security standard compliance, installation, operation, and maintenance, there are no additional costs. The risk is then minimized and the cost-effectiveness maximized.

  • Accessible

To access your SaaS offer, all you need is an internet connection, your access to the solution, and a card printer. This means that you can personalize and print your bank cards instantly anywhere.

Some limitations to consider.

Although developing rapidly, SaaS offers for the instant issuance of bank cards are still in the minority among the overall offering. As a result, the customization options may also be fewer compared to other instant issuance models.

They also require that you depend on a provider and entrust to a third party all the data and computer equipment necessary for the operation of this service.

The importance of choosing the right bank card printer.

If you want to start issuing bank cards instantly with a SaaS solution, we advise you to choose a card printer with an embedded PC card.

Thanks to its PC card, the printer is directly connected to the SaaS solution via the cloud. There is no need for a computer next to the printer to play this role and so the need for computer equipment is lower, maintenance is less important, and security management is easier.