How to take care of your evolis consumables?

The handling of the consumables of your Evolis printer is very important for several reasons. Not only because of security issues which is important in issuing government cards such as a driver’s license, but also because it has a direct impact on the printing quality and lifespan of your printer. Let’s focus on this last point, which will have you printing your cards perfectly.

Cards: limit their waste

It is important to use good quality cards. When a pack of cards is opened, you put all the cards in the feeder in case you are going to issue a large batch of cards. The cards that you will not be using must be kept in a zip lock bag to keep them clean.

It is not recommended to leave the cards loose on the desk. In case the cards fall to the floor, it is better to throw them away and not to use them as they can damage the print head.

Ribbons: protect their quality

Regarding printing ribbons, you must maintain the same concept of care: not to leave them in the air, not to leave them on the desk; rather, let’s use the same boxes that the tapes come in to store them and avoid contamination with dust or dirt.

The tapes are sensitive to heat and should not be exposed to temperatures higher than 25°C (77 F), high humidity and sunlight. Therefore they should be stored in cabinets or in drawers and should not be stored with chemical compounds. In case of not having the box, you can use a bag to store them.

Cleaning Kits: for single use only

Cleaning kits are a very important part of maintaining our printer. A clean printer is a printer that will work without problem, it will minimize the waste of badly printed cards and protect the print head. The adhesive cards, the T cards, or the cards to clean the lamination module, are for 1 use only. If necessary, you can use more than 1 cleaning card, but never reuse the ones you have already used.

You should always use Evolis High Trust™ consumables that provide excellent print quality, take care of your printer and ensure its warranty.

Note: Review the user manual of your Evolis printer to correctly maintain your equipment and make sure they’re working correctly.