White paper- Will the smartphone kill the student ID Card?

Generation Z students expect their college or university to innovate and adapt. The method of identification is one area in which institutions need to evolve, taking into account 2 major challenges facing the higher education sector: inclusion and security

Can digital technology really meet these two challenges? Does the physical card still have a role to play? Can digital and physical solutions coexist?

  1. Who are the Generation Z students?: Explore the characteristics of this generation of students, their adaptability and their quest for balance.
  2. Balancing the expectations of Gen Z students while addressing critical issues at universities
    • Inclusion and security: the 2 major challenges for universities in identifying students
    • The limitations of smartphones to achieve inclusion and safety goals
    • The advantages of card support for student identification
  3. Moving toward “phygital” student cards
  4. Choose a trusted partner for your student ID card printing solution: Evolis