Evolis enhances its Avansia Printer with a lamination module

Faced with an increasingly demanding market, the Avansia Lamination system reduces the risk of fraud and significantly increases the lifetime of official identification documents and access control badges.

Avansia Lamination: for even safer and longer-lasting cards

The Avansia Lamination system brings together Avansia’s printer with retransfer technology and CLM lamination module, for high-quality card printing featuring security elements (UV, micro-text, watermarks and 2D codes). 

This means it meets all the requirements for personalising employee badges, secure access badges, student cards, national identity cards, driving licences, and more.

Productivity guaranteed

Avansia Lamination’s printing and lamination modules work in parallel, producing up to 133 printed and laminated single-sided cards or 79 double-sided cards per hour.

With the CLM, Avansia encodes the cards (magnetic strip, contact or contactless smart cards), prints them using retransfer technology, and laminates them in a single operation.

Avansia Lamination can be used for continuously printing large batches of cards, thanks to its high-capacity feeder and output hopper (250 cards each). It uses Evolis High Trust® consumables, which were developed specifically for this type of printing.

Multiple encoding and enhanced security

Avansia Lamination has all the encoding options: magnetic, contact and contactless smart cards. They can all be combined with each other. Avansia’s retransfer technology allows printing on all types of cards including PVC, PET, polycarbonate and ABS, even those with irregular surfaces such as smart cards.

Avansia Lamination is also equipped with an RFID electronic key which, once removed, prevents the start of printing. It also has an optional mechanical locking system.

A wide choice of laminates for multiple applications

Evolis has a wide range of patches and varnishes, with or without holograms. It can develop completely personalised laminates on demand and as part of a specific project.

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