Evolis and XPI: a proven partnership for instant issuance of payment cards.

For almost 15 years now, Evolis and XPI (Expanded Payment International) have been joining forces to offer secure, easy-to-use instant payment card issuing solutions. With several hundred issuing points already deployed in the Middle East and Africa, the two partners are continuing their collaboration with the Card24 solution, a software package compatible with several Evolis card printers.

The success of a long-standing collaboration in the financial market.

Evolis and XPI came together in 2008. On the one hand, Evolis, leader in decentralized instant issuance of personalized cards, thanks in particular to its range of card printers. On the other, XPI, specialized in the development, integration and maintenance of electronic payment systems. The two entities will join forces to meet the needs of financial institutions, with a secure, flexible and easy-to-manage instant card issuing software solution: Card24.

Numerous projects were then won, and the solution was chosen by a dozen different banks, and deployed across several hundred issuing points in the Middle East and Africa.

Card24 and Evolis card printers: the optimum solution.

The Card24 solution is compatible with several Evolis card printers: Primacy 2, the KC range and KM range (card printers for self-service kiosks) and Privelio XT. These printers offer many different functions and options, covering all the needs of banks (encoding, graphic personalization, security features, etc.). In parallel, the Card24 solution supports multiple platforms, card types, chip types… The combination of these two products offers an optimal solution for financial institutions wishing to deploy instant issuance of bank cards.

women using a credit card

Focus Primacy 2: the card printer that seduces the financial market.

It’s no surprise that Primacy 2 is chosen for instant payment card issuing projects. In fact, its functionalities and options offer advantages that effectively meet the needs of financial institutions . More than twenty banks are equipped with Primacy 2 for instant delivery of their customers’ bankcards, through nearly 1,200 issuing points, mainly in Middle Eastern and African countries, but also in South America and Europe.

Primacy 2