Become an Evolis Partner

Team Up With a Leader: Become an Evolis Partner

Expand your business with the support of the world leader in instant personalized card issuance. And much more.

Why become an Evolis partner?

– Seize new business opportunities

– Rely on a world-leading expert, with complete confidence

Develop your marketing and communication initiatives

Seize new business opportunities.

Together, we go further.

At Evolis, we see the relationship with all our partners as a real collaboration. It is with this in mind that we build and maintain these relationships, so as to create a “win-win” model. Therefore, we only market our solutions through our partner network. This teamwork, which allows us to work together on the most attractive projects, is at the heart of what we do. It is also reflected in our ability to adapt to your own solutions, better uniting our strengths.

We work with our 400 direct partners every day, who in turn rely on their reseller customers. As a result, Evolis has thousands of ambassadors around the world, and we are always excited to welcome new ones into our network. So that, together, we can go even further.

Personalized commercial support.

By becoming an Evolis partner, you benefit from personalized sales support:

  • Dedicated sales contacts

Your Evolis sales contacts are always the same. They know your needs well, which allows them to create a close relationship and facilitate business

  • Solution and price offer search

Depending on your customer’s needs, your sales contact will help you recommend the right solution and build the price offer and associated sales pitch. We also offer sales training to improve your skills and help you gain autonomy

  • Lead generation

The leads we generate through our different commercial and communication campaigns are transferred to our partners

  • Commercial support

Are you planning an event and need commercial support? Your dedicated contact is by your side

  • Information and advice

In addition to our various communication tools at your disposal, your commercial contact is on hand if you cannot find the information you are looking for

Going the extra mile to keep on growing.

Our position as a leader pushes us to always go the extra mile. This is reflected in our search for new applications to develop, new markets to conquer, and therefore new business opportunities to take advantage of. Thanks to this constant work carried out jointly by our dedicated marketing team and our sales team, we give our partners the keys they need to capitalize on these unexplored opportunities. This constant monitoring work also includes market research to expand our partner network.

In this way, we help our partners and motivate them to surpass themselves, by encouraging them to discover these new business horizons. In order to recognize and value these committed partners, we reward and support them through specific programs such as the RED Program.

Rely on an expert, with confidence.

A wide range of quality, scalable products.

Quality is one of Evolis’ core values. This value refers in particular to the quality of our products, which is expressed in very concrete terms:

  • Selection of our suppliers by favoring local partners, whenever possible, for better quality control and a greater responsiveness,
  • Inspection of incoming components from our partner suppliers,
  • Unit assembly of printers according to standardized processes and automated adjustment and test protocols the results of which allow individual traceability,
  • Systematic functional and esthetic control of products before shipping, according to precise standards,
  • Random sampling at the end of the production process to carry out extensive tests in field conditions,
  • Employee training and continuous improvement of our processes.

To ensure we are always at our best, this quality must be constantly called into question. Far from being fixed in time, quality criteria must take into account a constantly changing environment: new conditions of use, new customer expectations, new uses…

This approach also explains the recognized scalability of Evolis products: solutions that can be adapted to new needs, thanks to numerous options that can be easily installed by you or your customers. As a proof of this quality and of our requirement to satisfy each of our customers, our design and manufacturing site is ISO9001 certified.

We follow numerical indicators to guarantee the quality of our products, but the most important indicator for us is the satisfaction of our customers. We are therefore very attentive to their feedback and expectations.
Virginie Papin, Technical Director

An ability to handle all projects, even the most specific.

In addition to the development of standard solutions, we also respond to the most specific requests. This is possible thanks to our team dedicated to custom projects. 30% of our global turnover is linked to the fulfilment of completely customized projects.

The start-up spirit of this team allows it to innovate and successfully carry out all the projects entrusted to it. And when you combine this with the industrial and commercial strength of a group like Evolis, what seemed impossible becomes achievable. Pre-sales specialists, project managers, and prototype technicians are mobilized for each new specific project to study the feasibility and find the perfect solution, whatever the constraints of your customers.

An agility that offers responsiveness and satisfaction.

Our Research and Development center and our production facilities are both located on the same site at our head office. This proximity allows us to handle large-scale projects with exceptional responsiveness, while guaranteeing compliance with deadlines and quality requirements.

Benefit from technical support and training.

To help you in the maintenance of our products and the resolution of technical problems, our experts are available to answer your questions and offer you technical training. These services are available depending on your partner status.

Access to technical support allows you to rely on our team of experts to resolve a technical problem and get the information you need:

  • Contactable by phone and email : with a maximum response time by email of 5 hours
  • Global hotline : thanks to our various subsidiaries, we cover all areas of the world
  • 5 languages spoken : English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, French
  • Technical newsletter : you are regularly informed of all technical information (updates, availability of technical tools, technical documents, etc.)

The technical training courses allow you to gain autonomy by passing on a wide range of knowledge and technical skills (handling of the products, maintenance, repair, etc.). They can take different forms:

  • E-learning : short video support of 1.5 hours on average, to improve your knowledge on a particular subject
  • Training plan : a set of predefined training courses that provides you with all the technical basics
  • À la carte training: choose the technical subject you want to improve and we will provide the appropriate training, either at Evolis or at your premises

Take it even further and become an Evolis Repair Center. This certification is awarded to our partners who have followed a specific training plan on the maintenance of our products. It provides our partners with additional business benefits and credibility in the eyes of their customers.

Develop your marketing and communication initiatives

A whole library of tools, with unlimited access.

As an Evolis partner, you have access to a large library of communication and marketing tools. Videos, web banners, brochures, flyers, presentations, sales pitches, posters, infographics, photos, logos, sample cards, kakemonos, case studies, press releases… These are just a few of the many ways to promote Evolis products and conquer different markets.

An operational marketing manager for each zone, for personalized communication and marketing initiatives.

The generic tool library is not the only marketing support we provide to our partners. Thanks to a dedicated contact person for your area, you benefit from personalized advice, according to your needs and problems. This operational marketing manager is in direct contact with you to support you in a strategic and operational way, in your communication and marketing initiatives (events, open days, personalized communication tools, merchandising, digital communication, etc.).