Labels for art exhibitions


Labels for art exhibitions

Make your own professional-looking and customizable exhibition labels whenever needed and enhance the presentation of your exhibited artworks. Use them to display information for art lovers and give your gallery a more professional image.

Identify your artworks with elegant exhibition labels that look appropriately professional

In venues where artworks, photographs, sculptures and collectibles are exhibited, placing labels near the artworks lets you display pertinent information for visiting members of the public.

An artwork’s “identity card” generally features the following information:

  • The name of the artist,
  • The title of the artwork or object,
  • The date when it was made,
  • The technique(s) employed to create it,
  • Its dimensions,
  • Sometimes the sale price

The exhibition label displays transparent and comprehensible information for all visitors. It must be discreet and sober so as not to distract attention from the piece it describes.

Depending on the exhibitions scheduled and the artworks up for sale, gallery owners, antique dealers, and auctioneers often need to be able to make new exhibition labels in a hurry. To avoid time-consuming and sometimes low-quality homemade exhibition labels, Evolis offers a printing solution that lets you make professional-looking and customizable exhibition labels in a matter of seconds.

Opt for the ideal printing solution to make exhibition labels that look professional and stylish.

With Evolis card printing solutions, you avoid recurring labelling problems at art exhibitions.

Provide your potential buyers with the information they need in a way that is transparent and comprehensible to all. With the pertinent information clearly displayed, your visitors are immediately informed and reassured about buying from your gallery.

Enhance your brand image and promote the artworks in your gallery with high quality labels that live up to your image. This solution also optimizes the presentation of your artworks at trade shows and fairs where you are exhibiting.

Have an instant solution available: provide yourself with the means to create, update, and print exhibition labels independently in a matter of seconds.

Opt for simplicity: as easy to use as an office printer, the card printer requires no training.

Opt for efficiency: avoid wasting time preparing, cutting out, and laminating labels for your next exhibition. Digital label production is significantly faster than making labels by hand. You can import your database of artworks into the software and save a lot of time when you need to make new labels. More time to focus on your core business: promoting your artworks, artists, and managing your gallery.

With EVOLIS printing solutions, optimize the communication of your artworks and your brand. Our comprehensive solution has everything you need to make your first labels on location straight away:

  • Software that lets you easily customize your labels
  • A card printer that is compatible with iOS and Windows
  • Printing cards and ribbons

Several types of consumables to suit your needs:

  • Durable, washable, and moisture-resistant plastic cards available in a variety of formats
  • Paper cards from sustainably managed forests
  • Monochrome or colour printing ribbons
  • Metal display frames for a sophisticated presentation

Our goal: a successful project.

No matter how complex your IT installation is, our card printers can be adapted to your project. For configurations that require system integration, we work with our integrator partners to deploy your solution according to your needs and constraints. Our card printers can be used with all types of applications already in place.

For needs that are not covered by our standard range of printers, our dedicated project team is committed to offering you a completely customized solution.


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