Bank card

Bank card

Hand Your Customers their Bank Cards on the Spot.

Bank cards allow you to make withdrawals and/or payments easily and securely. The different types of bank card that exist can all be issued on the spot by Evolis solutions.

Enduring popularity—and for good reason.

Of all the payment methods that exist, the bank card continues to occupy the number one spot. This consumer preference is not surprising when you consider all the benefits it offers:

  • Practical: its compact size makes it easy to slip into a wallet or pocket. It is therefore easy to carry around. And it’s just as convenient to use: you can pay with a simple gesture, without any awkward handling.
  • Multifunctional: the bank card can be used for withdrawals, in-store payments, and online payments. And this is possible anywhere in the world.
  • Inclusive: the 100% digital payment methods available today require a certain amount of equipment, which is not accessible to everyone (intelligent connected object). The bank card offers a solution that can be easily used by the majority of people.
  • Secure: this electronic payment method allows you to keep your money safe. The majority of bank cards issued in the world today have a chip, a small electrical component that offers great security and significantly reduces the rate of fraud.
  • Hygienic: the development of contactless payment limits the handling of payment terminals and therefore the transmission of viruses. Consumers only have to touch their own card to make a payment.

All the advantages of the bank card also provide an answer to the limitations of cash-based payments—a means of payment that has been steadily losing ground for several years, to the benefit of card-based payments.

Different bank cards, for different purposes.

All types of bank cards allow you to withdraw money and some of them also allow you to pay directly in store or remotely (online payment). Evolis solutions can be used to issue different types of bank card.

Each card is associated with a payment network, which defines its own commercial rules (commission, insurance, interest in the case of credit subscription, etc.) and, in exchange, guarantees good interoperability between the cards issued and the payment terminals (good functioning, transaction security, etc.).

  • Credit card: deferred debit card, financing card. Payments and withdrawals systematically authorized
  • Debit card: payments and withdrawals subject to inquiry by the cardholder’s bank
  • Prepaid card: gift card, prepaid card for young people (which can be topped up with pocket money), prepaid card for travel (which is loaded with the currency of the destination country), prepaid card for employees (salary payment without using a bank account)
  • Withdrawal card: cash withdrawal from an ATM

Endless possibilities for bank card personalization.

A bank card includes two levels of personalization: graphic personalization and electrical personalization. Evolis bank card printers allow you to perform these different customizations and to combine them with each other.

1. Graphic personalization of a bank card.

Graphic personalization refers to all the esthetic (design, color, shape, etc.) and functional (text, expiration date, security code, etc.) parts of the card. It will affect the visual aspect of the card but also its durability.

Some of the most common graphic personalization options for a bank card include:

  • Personal data of the cardholder and those related to the account, printed in four-color or monochrome: name, PAN, CVV, expiration date. This data can also be highlighted using an embossing system, although flat design is a developing trend.
  • Application of a protective film: to increase the life of the card, it is common to apply a protective film, called an “overlay,” to the card.
  • Landscape card design, printed on both sides.

To go further and to differentiate your offering from your competitors, other graphic personalization options are available:

  • Additional personal data: signature of the cardholder, photo of the cardholder.
  • Personalized card background: why settle for a single card background design when you can offer an infinite number? With a personalized design service, you can allow each of your customers to choose their own card background.
  • Portrait card design.

2. Electric personalization of a bank card.

The electrical personalization allows you to make the bank card perfectly operational and secure. Its role is to ensure that all data essential to the security of each transaction is correctly stored in the bank card. We talk about personalization because it is indeed about personalizing an electronic interface of the following types:

  • Magnetic strip
  • Contact chip
  • Contactless chip

Activation of payment accessories for smartphones and connected watches, for example, is also among the personalization options available with an Evolis solution.

These different personalization possibilities can be realized in an instant by Evolis solutions and this is what we call instant issuance. A method of issuing personalized bank cards that meets the major challenges facing banks.

Bank cards on demand, delivered in an instant.

The bank card can be delivered to its holder in different ways. The method of delivery can even be adapted according to the context in which the card is issued: account opening, card renewal, card replacement, and so on. You can therefore either deliver it by hand or via a self-service kiosk, or you can combine these two methods of delivery to benefit from all their advantages.

Delivery by hand.

The delivery by hand of a bank card can be done at the bank’s reception desk or during an appointment. This method of delivery is particularly suitable for the instantaneous delivery of a bank card when an account is opened.

Delivery from a self-service kiosk.

The self-service kiosk is accessible by your customers 24/7. It is therefore a very practical means for all issues that need to be done urgently, in an instant, as in the case of a lost or stolen card.

Do you have a project involving the instant issuance of bank cards?

As an expert in the financial market with many references in the field, Evolis will support you throughout your project.